I’d consider my biggest privilege in life being able to work with kids. Today, I was watching Top Chef or something, and a girl said, “I didn’t realize I liked kids until I had my daughter.” Well, I like kids…a lot. They’re fun and life giving (most of the time, but sometimes they’re life sucking–I’ve

A Cute Kid Story

Meet J. He’s a tiny, tiny seven year old with a huge heart and a touch of an inquieto side. At the beginning of the year, he would come in every morning and say, “Miss, you look beautiful today!” and at the end of the day he would leave saying, “Con amoorrrrrrrr.” J has had is issues


Peruvians love to celebrate.  This year, President Ollanta added additional holidays to the already long list, including an extra day to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Monday is Día de la Amistad (Friendship Day) and Tuesday is Día del Amor (Valentine’s Day).  Government workers have both of those days off.  Ollanta says that an increase of holidays/days