Even though I am miles and miles away from people I love, you can still keep in touch with me [and I will keep in touch with you too]!  Here are some ways how…

1) gmail and gchat–e-mail me at catherine.queen.8@gmail.com

2) skype–my skype name is catherine.emma.8

3) facebook, instagram, twitter…

4) Viber–an iPhone (or other device) ap, which allows you to text or call me as long as you are connected to wifi or 3G, which, let’s be honest, is most of us are always connected to.  just make sure you don’t delete my number from your phonebook!

5) snizail mizail! here’s my address*:
Catherine Queen
Calle Tarapacá 264 Departamento 702B
Miraflores, Lima 18

6) Coming to visit me is always an option too.  LAN (www.lan.com) has pretty cheap airfare from Miami!

I look forward to hearing from you!

* I don’t know if this will actually work…so let me check and confirm in a month or two.


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