I returned to Lima on Thursday night (after being delayed for 10 hours!) after a wonderful 6 days in Cajamarca, a city nestled in the mountains (Sierra) of Peru. It is a beautiful, historic place, famous for the presence of the Inca and apparently where the Inca used to take baths! It has a tragic history full of terrorism and mining feuds and systemic injustice. I was there to translate for a group of Scottish volunteers who were visiting different projects a large organization, Tearfund finances. These five people are some of my favorite people I have ever translated for. We had a great week together, and it was a privilege for me to be a part of the storytelling process. I also enjoyed spending time with the women who work for Warmis, an NGO in Cajamarca focusing on sustainable agricultural development and empowerment of women. I can’t wait for them to visit me in Lima!

Here are some pictures from my week with my new copy photo-24 copy 3 photo-24 copy 2 photo-23 photo-24 copy photo-24


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