Why Two is Better than One

There’s this cheesy song by Boys Like Girls called Two is Better than One. I haven’t been able to get this song out of my head since I arrived in Peru late Monday night (borderline Tuesday morning?).

Anyways, I this song is NOT stuck in my head because I have fallen in love again and can’t live without this new half. As my Peruvian brother-in-law always says, “Que viva la soltería!” (Long live singleness!).

When I am in the States, people always ask, “Are you happy to be home?” [referring to KC] “Does Lima feel like home?” “When are you going home?” [referring to Lima]. When I am here in Lima, people always ask me, “Do you miss home?” “Are you excited to visit home?” “Where is your home?” I’ve felt the tug of heartstrings as I have felt forced to make a decision: KC or Lima? Which is my home? But, making this transition again, I realize that I am extremely lucky: I have two homes.

And here are some reasons why that is the best thing ever:

1) When it is cold in KC, it is warm here. When it is “cold” here, it is warm there. Meaning, now that I’ve spent 5 weeks in a mildish winter, I can fully and completely and head-over-healsly enjoy summer in Lima. Lazy mornings, fresh fruit smoothies, endless sun…Lima at its finest.

2) I have two families. My family in KC will always, always, always be the family I love the most, but God has been faithful in providing people here to be my family while I am far away from my mom, dad, and sister. My HNGR host family continues to support and love me like a family: we sit forever together after meals, laugh at the babies, and lovingly poke fun at each other. While talking about life post-break up, my brother-in-law said something simple, yet profound, which reminded me how grateful I am to have people I love supporting me.

3) Nieces and nephews. I cannot write on this blog enough about how much I LOVE my nieces and nephew. I am fortunate to be able to help my sister and brother-in-law with the school fees for my nephew Fernando. He will start Kindergarten March 4! It is a great honor to invest in his education.

4) Two places I can be me. I feel comfortable in Lima. I love my apartment (most days) and am obsessed with this city. I feel the same about KC. I love 5105 and am obsessed with my family (not so much the city, but that’s not my calling).

5) Groups of friends. I am fortunate to have great groups of friends in KC and in Lima. It was a great privilege to help my best friend from forever plan her wedding when I was home in December/January, and it was fun celebrating the birth of my other best friend’s baby that’s coming in March. Likewise, I am surrounded by people here who love and support me–my dear friend (and past support teacher) is going back to school with me to help me move classrooms (more on that later).

More than anything, I feel called to having two homes right now. I am called to investing in my KC home from a distance and being fully present here. I love it. I would not have it any other way.


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