Christmas, Part 1

I’m sitting here in the George Bush International Airport of Houston, Texas. I’ve been here since 6:40 this morning, when I proceeded to wait an hour for customs and hear that four flights to KC were cancelled. I’m holding onto hope that this next flight, scheduled to leave at 5:35, will make it, and I, the exhausted passenger, will make it, despite of my 13th place on the standby list.

I don’t function well without sleep.

I’ve been vertical since I woke up yesterday morning. I went to school, had the staff Christmas party, went home and packed, had dinner with a friend, went to the airport, carried around another friend’s baby, got on my flight, slept a little, and have been waiting here all day. I’m pooped. For example, I just realized the last time I went to the bathroom, that I haven’t been throwing the TP in the toilet. I’ve also tried to pay with my Peruvian visa card all day and have said “gracias” to almost every store clerk I’ve talked to.

I love sleep–everyone knows that–but recently I’ve been wondering whether or not I need to grow up a bit and sleep less. Today confirms that the answer is no.

ANYWAYS, a few Sundays ago I went to Huaycán to celebrate Christmas with my HNGR host family. It was one of the best days of Lima 2012.

IMG_5755 IMG_5758 IMG_5760

I first went to Plaza Vea, a big target-like store, to buy the goods. I have some incredibly generous friends who contributed to the funds. I was able to buy  a toy for each kid, and each family (as each of my host siblings has their own little family now) received: two bags of rice, cooking oil, soap, tooth brushes, sugar, panetón (typical Christmas bread), hot chocolate, toilet paper, and maybe other things I cannot remember. I had two carts FULL and the back of the station wagon was also full.


My beautiful Peruvian family. I love it when they smile.








Ariana and I. She’s the newest–was born November 2010. She still doesn’t understand the greatness of “Tia Caty,” but she’s adorable.



Feliz Navidad to all!


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