Miss Catherine is Missing!

I was sick (again) on Monday. It all started Sunday with a long walk home from the grocery store carrying two huge bags of groceries (and too stubborn to pay about $2 for a cab). Next thing I knew, I was achy and nauseous and feverish. I submitted sub plans by 9 that night, made the official call to stay home at 5 Monday morning, and slept until 9. I feel much better.

While I was out, I had my assistants in both classes do an activity based off a crazy book called Miss Nelson is Missing. The story is about a teacher who doesn’t come to school and what she does instead.

So, I had my students write their own version: Miss Catherine is Missing! Here are some paraphrased versions of students’ work.

“It is my dad’s birthday today, so she is planning a big party for him.”

“Miss Catherine went to Saturn.”

“Miss Catherine is in the Antarctic swimming with whales and sharks.” (I do remember that whales was written as wails and sharks as sharcs.)

“Miss Catherine is missing me a lot.” (Same student who wrote that I am important to her in another writing piece I posted.)

“Miss Catherine met a man is getting married on Tuesday.” (My favorite!)

“Miss Catherine is at the doctor because she is embarazada.” (Look up embarazada…)

“Miss Meghan is playing a trick on us and she knows where Miss Catherine is.” (Sassy!)

They were all pretty cute! First grade is a joy.

Now, off to work on the First Grade Play!


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