A Cute Kid Story

Meet J. He’s a tiny, tiny seven year old with a huge heart and a touch of an inquieto side. At the beginning of the year, he would come in every morning and say, “Miss, you look beautiful today!” and at the end of the day he would leave saying, “Con amoorrrrrrrr.” J has had is issues though, as he is slightly spoiled, on a special diet to gain weight, and the “baby” (in size, not age) of our classroom. But he is so freakin cute. ESPECIALLY when he cries. He doesn’t tear up–he cries. I don’t pride myself in making the kids cry (although it happens more often than I would wish), but he is one of the most sensitive of all of them. He cries when a friend is using his chair and when he gets in trouble.

Today, we had Choice Time. Choice Time is a favorite by all when we spend the last 20 minutes of the day “choosing” an activity to play (blocks, coloring, legos, helper, etc). J ALWAYS picks legos, but today he picked coloring. I was surprised because boys never ever ever choose to color with the girls (except one, but that’s another story).

A few minutes after everyone was settled and I began to clean up the room and get the helpers organized, J approached me with big crocodile tears in his eyes. “Miss, I don’t want to do coloring!” This isn’t the firs time a kid hasn’t wanted to do their choice, but I always tell them that they have to stick with it, that’s what they chose, and we can’t have everyone changing every day–it’d be like a zoo! I sent J to the bathroom and he came in even more upset. I told him he could pick a friend to color with him. He asked some friends, but they were into their Play Dough. G, my American student who has had a rough time adapting but is one of the coolest kiddos ever, overheard us talking; he was at blocks, the most coveted choice of them all. Gus shot up is hand, “Miss, I’ll color with J!”

Gus put his arm around J and walked him to a table. G got out colors and papers and proceeded to hand J the markers as he asked for them. I told G he could color too, but he just wanted to help his friend.

Gotta love these kiddos.


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