Back to the Blogosphere

So, here’s the deal. I don’t blog. The last time I blogged was over 6 months ago. My life feels so normal. I go to work, I come home, I run, I cook, I watch Friends, I go to bed. Of course there’s the occasional dinner out, late night at work, meeting, trip to the Andes, but my life feels pretty normal. Why would anyone want to read about my mundane life?

But, whatever my sister can do, I can do too (

My sister’s blog about her time in Guatemala is phenomenal. And, since she’s the person I’ve always wanted to be like, I’m back to the blogosphere.

So welcome to my random stories about my kiddos, thoughts on ex-pat living, and adventures in and out of Peru.

*Here’s what you won’t find here: complaints about Peru, Peru trash talk, degrading comments toward Peru or Peruvians, etc. I love Peru—it isn’t perfect—but here you won’t find complaints masked as cultural differences.

Here’s a little fun from my mom and dad on their trip to New Mexico. Vamos Obama!

P.S. I’m writing this from my guest bedroom [which anyone is welcome to stay in if you visit]. But, I am sick with a miserable cold. The best part of being sick in Peru: HOUSE CALLS. The doc came to my apartment Thursday, and while I waited for him for 3 hours, the visit took 10 minutes, and the medicine was included in the cost of the appointment–s/50! I love my insurance here.


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