January: The Best Month Ever

I decided that January may have been the best month ever.  And that may be an exaggeration, but it’s up there in Best Months Ever list.

January was characterized by quality time.  Returning from Mandy’s wedding in California, I was able to spend time watching Gilmore Girls with my sister, shopping with my mom, scheming with my dad, skyping with Wheaton friends, and catching up with KC friends.  Upon arriving here in Lima last week, I have spent the majority of my days “quality timing” with Ronald and his family, Paty and Carlos, and friends from my internship.

One of the highlights of the past week has been supporting Ronald with the defense of his thesis, which he completed last Friday.  It seems only fitting that, after he was so supportive of me by going to all my interviews, that I cheerlead for him as well.  He wrote his thesis on the global community’s influence on Peru’s dictatorship and democracy in the post World War II era with an applied section on presenting that information to high school students.  He then presented his findings to three professors who asked him difficult questions about what he read.  As he was presenting, I got teary as he talked about his work at Ágape, how that era has influenced the current economic situation in Lima, and why he seeks to apply his knowledge of history and social sciences to inform decisions which impact his work in Huaycán.  He passed with flying colors!

Another highlight was going to Miraflores with Ronald to have lunch with one of his professors from his time in Norway.  This woman, Nine, was one of the people who challenged and encouraged Ronald the most.  I loved meeting her and hearing all the wonderful things she had to say about Ronald.

I’m currently in my new apartment with Paty and Carlos in La Molina.  We are waiting to get wifi, so that has been kind of frustrating.  I have been nesting and will post pictures of my apartment when I figure out a home for everything.  I am grateful to have these few weeks where I can get to know my neighborhood and the surrounding area, connect with old and new friends, and go to Huaycán to help with their summer activities.  Also, I met with the administrator/HR person at Newton yesterday.  I am excited about my opportunities there and can’t wait to get started!


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